3499 thumb Plants of Gros Morne National Park (Guide 2) | Les plantes du parc national du Gros-Morne (guide 2)

A guide to trees and grasses observed in Gros Morne National Park of Canada. For more information about Gros Morne National Park, please visit: http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/nl/grosmorne/index.aspx

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3643200983 be9a7c4013 m
balsam fir 1
Abies balsamea
1414873494 392c9e9458 m
red maple 2
Acer rubrum
4052473072 b8ff4e7fc8 m
Mountain Maple 3
Acer spicatum
Arctic Bentgrass
Agrostis mertensii
3851733620 b2876f69c7 m
ticklegrass 4
Agrostis scabra
Agrostis scabra var. scabra
Agrostis scabra scabra
3820194263 4799e7145a m
creeping bent 4
Agrostis stolonifera
Alnus incana ssp. rugosa 1
Alnus incana rugosa
Alnus viridis ssp. crispa
Alnus viridis crispa
3821838507 8f1053546f m
short-awn foxtail 4
Alopecurus aequalis
3885522353 0f06e51d7a m
Meadow Foxtail 4
Alopecurus pratensis
272642751 7ad596dcdd m
American beachgrass 5
Ammophila breviligulata
4591541704 6b9ea5840e m
sweet vernal grass 6
Anthoxanthum odoratum
3811230661 211e7e22ed m
wild oat 7
Avena fatua
400869097 a0629ea657 m
Oat 8
Avena sativa
2822289750 a50746bf1f m
Yellow Birch 9
Betula alleghaniensis
paper birch 11
Betula papyrifera
Swamp Birch 12
Betula pumila
Northern Shorthusk
Brachyelytrum septentrionale
3858288586 be2fd28466 m
fringed brome 4
Bromus ciliatus
3808366143 22df71dbe4 m
bluejoint 4
Calamagrostis canadensis
Pickering's Reed Bentgrass
Calamagrostis pickeringii
Calamagrostis stricta ssp. inexpansa
Calamagrostis stricta inexpansa
Calamagrostis stricta var. stricta
Calamagrostis stricta stricta
19195 orig
water sedge 13
Carex aquatilis
48960 260 190
scabrous black sedge 15
Carex atratiformis
5749041712 3dcd760de8 m
golden sedge 16
Carex aurea
Bebb's sedge 17
Carex bebbii
90844 orig
Bigelow's sedge 13
Carex bigelowii
brownish sedge
Carex brunnescens
Buxbaum's sedge 18
Carex buxbaumii
6334108601 688956e020 m
hoary sedge 19
Carex canescens
06075 260 190
hair-like sedge 13
Carex capillaris
chestnut sedge
Carex castanea
6334041915 db496f138f m
creeping sedge 19
Carex chordorrhiza
Beautiful Sedge
Carex concinna
Crawford's sedge
Carex crawfordii
White-edge Sedge 14
Carex debilis
northern sedge
Carex deflexa
35343 260 190
Dewey's sedge 20
Carex deweyana
3645096164 81306a668c m
Lesser Tussock Sedge 21
Carex diandra
two-seeded sedge
Carex disperma
ebony sedge
Carex eburnea
89365 orig
star sedge 22
Carex echinata
meager sedge
Carex exilis
2856163961 bd36cf032c m
yellow-green sedge 23
Carex flava
Alpine Sedge
Carex glacialis
80394 260 190
graceful sedge 24
Carex gracillima
Northern bog sedge
Carex gynocrates
marsh straw sedge
Carex hormathodes
6336068145 7580b2d003 m
Tawny Sedge 19
Carex hostiana
inland sedge
Carex interior
4766256014 22195a155f m
bladder sedge 25
Carex intumescens
8384061021 306b807163 m
Hare's-foot Sedge 26
Carex lachenalii
6334805494 c5b023b838 m
woolly-fruited sedge 19
Carex lasiocarpa
bristle-stalked sedge
Carex leptalea
nerveless woodland sedge 27
Carex leptonervia
15024 orig
mud sedge 13
Carex limosa
livid sedge
Carex livida
Mackenzie's sedge
Carex mackenziei
66046 orig
Carex magellanica ssp. irrigua 13
Carex magellanica irrigua
8384054117 551b1f0381 m
Curved Sedge 26
Carex maritima
Michaux's sedge
Carex michauxiana
2477962627 2d46d07198 m
smooth black sedge 28
Carex nigra
few-seeded sedge 29
Carex oligosperma
8775857799 3afcec48fb m
Carex ovalis 30
Carex leporina
chaffy sedge
Carex paleacea
9376429044 9211daa636 m
pale sedge 31
Carex pallescens
240px carex pauciflora 1
few-flowered sedge 32
Carex pauciflora
long-stalked sedge 33
Carex pedunculata
necklace sedge
Carex projecta
6081033141 861e958a04 m
Rock Sedge 26
Carex rupestris
Saltmarsh Sedge
Carex salina
russet sedge
Carex saxatilis
6934637942 4a247392db m
Broom Sedge 34
Carex scoparia
dioecious sedge 35
Carex sterilis
4155049659 2bac75bfe0 m
spongy sedge 4
Carex stipata
Long-styled Sedge
Carex stylosa
sparse-flowered sedge
Carex tenuiflora
threeseeded sedge 14
Carex trisperma
76950 orig
Northwest Territory sedge 36
Carex utriculata
5748500021 befb862ae5 m
sheathed sedge 16
Carex vaginata
7313486574 9cb7a89587 m
inflated sedge 37
Carex vesicaria
8791010598 e15f0cd576 m
Carex viridula ssp. brachyrrhyncha 30
Carex viridula brachyrrhyncha
Wiegand's sedge
Carex wiegandii
3887144016 f7e07349f5 m
Water Whorl-grass 4
Catabrosa aquatica
6081041599 0c6cb9f187 m
drooping woodreed 4
Cinna latifolia
907882097 e15376e350 m
beaked hazelnut 38
Corylus cornuta
3861677077 d5648a5f4a m
Orchard Grass 4
Dactylis glomerata
Vasey's Oatgrass
Danthonia intermedia
Poverty Oatgrass 10
Danthonia spicata
3988253348 a82fd8b576 m
tufted hair grass 4
Deschampsia cespitosa
980767888 1cc4931b2c m
wavy hair-grass 39
Deschampsia flexuosa
94182244 cbdc4e5be2 m
needle spikerush 40
Eleocharis acicularis

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