Ontario Tallgrass Prairie Indicator Species

Tallgrass prairies and savannas are some of the most endangered ecological communities in Canada, with approximately 1 percent of their original extent remaining. Tallgrass communities once covered a significant part of southern Ontario's landscape. Owing to degradation and destruction through ...more ↓

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Big Bluestem 1
Andropogon gerardii
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Little Bluestem 2
Schizachyrium scoparium
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Round-headed Bush Clover 3
Lespedeza capitata
Panicum virgatum
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Showy Tick-Trefoil 4
Desmodium canadense
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Butterfly Milkweed 5
Asclepias tuberosa
3578327201 e06247c5c5 m
New Jersey Tea 6
Ceanothus americanus
Black Oak 7
Quercus velutina
14604448480 24b3a9b66a m
Cylindrical Blazing Star 4
Liatris cylindracea
2720634957 96702e145a m
Northern Bobwhite 8
Colinus virginianus
2707926723 dac8bafef9 m
Mottled Duskywing 9
Erynnis martialis
6965507144 dc2a446a6c m
Eastern Foxsnake 10
Pantherophis vulpinus
2589699140 a021f68138 m
American Badger 11
Taxidea taxus
3912211191 6f3043dcc1 m
Indiangrass 1
Sorghastrum nutans
4795329788 0c42b13bdd m
Black-eyed-Susan 12
Rudbeckia hirta
Bobolink 13
Dolichonyx oryzivorus
8605123416 cde12e2751 m
Eastern Meadowlark 14
Sturnella magna

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