S. Okanagan Bioblitz - mammals

240px sorex araneus4
Common Shrew 1
Sorex araneus
3951407907 6bdae01229 m
Wandering shrew 2
Sorex vagrans
8047568956 3ddfdb414f m
Townsend's Big-eared Bat 3
Corynorhinus townsendii
Big Brown Bat 4
Eptesicus fuscus
Silver-haired Bat 5
Lasionycteris noctivagans
3864415329 e93a4238b9 m
Pallid Bat 6
Antrozous pallidus
Hoary Bat 7
Lasiurus cinereus
Spotted Bat 8
Euderma maculatum
240px little brown myotis
Little Brown Bat 9
Myotis lucifugus
31039 260 190
Long-legged Bat 10
Macrophyllum macrophyllum
Nuttall's cottontail 11
Sylvilagus nuttallii
Snowshoe Hare 12
Lepus americanus
White-tailed Jackrabbit 13
Lepus townsendii
185318245 47d4db1e54 m
Yellow-bellied Marmot 14
Marmota flaviventris
2881505202 83b76268ab m
Columbian Ground Squirrel 15
Urocitellus columbianus
2804120710 5f615b4a17 m
Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel 3
Callospermophilus lateralis
4495529480 525995dd24 m
Fox Squirrel 16
Sciurus niger
3298588333 d2cb57b77a m
Northern Flying Squirrel 17
Glaucomys sabrinus
Northern Pocket Gopher
Thomomys talpoides
Great basin pocket mouse 18
Perognathus merriami
3377813036 92f5bd2c7d m
American beaver 19
Castor canadensis
3495799750 4c21877853 m
Western Harvest Mouse 3
Reithrodontomys megalotis
Deer Mouse
Peromyscus maniculatus
Bushy-tailed Wood Rat
Neotoma cinerea
Meadow Vole
Microtus pennsylvanicus
4159982548 0435b8cc21 m
Muskrat 20
Ondatra zibethicus
3130915987 353af56089 m
House Mouse 21
Mus musculus
Meadow Jumping Mouse 22
Zapus hudsonius
Western Jumping Mouse
Zapus princeps
Pacific Jumping Mouse
Zapus trinotatus
3192236295 df20d22fc0 m
Coyote 23
Canis latrans
3536386452 e10959a098 m
Wolf 24
Canis lupus
American Black Bear 25
Ursus americanus
Grizzly bear 12
Ursus arctos
2729562910 c2d626d430 m
Raccoon 26
Procyon lotor
4360617849 a381fb3f06 m
American Marten 27
Martes americana
Mustela erminea
7119285563 2d4a7ac13d m
Long-tailed Weasel 28
Mustela frenata
431445262 392c88d98d m
American Mink 29
Neovison vison
Wolverine 30
Gulo gulo
2589699140 a021f68138 m
American Badger 15
Taxidea taxus
River otter 31
Lontra canadensis
3225052660 a781f21e48 m
Striped Skunk 32
Mephitis mephitis
Cougar 33
Puma concolor
Bobcat 34
Lynx rufus
32237 260 190
Elk 35
Cervus elaphus
2191297464 54338af923 m
Mule Deer 36
Odocoileus hemionus
751501000 16bdd8f809 m
White-tailed Deer 37
Odocoileus virginianus
3407156333 7a390cec90 m
Mountain Goat 38
Oreamnos americanus
2829959914 6c90bd80f8 m
Bighorn Sheep 39
Ovis canadensis

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