August Farrow


This will by no means be a complete collection of everything I've observed and/or photographed (though I will make an effort to upload at least one photo representative of each specimen I've seen at each location on that particular date).

If I post multiple photos, it's of a different specimen of the same species and usually indicative of a large number of that species in that area at that time. Some people post counts. I don't. Due to the volume of my obs, at least until the point this option is easily available in batch uploads, I won't be doing so. If you have a problem with that, stay off my obs stream.

I don't just post for any specific project or individual. I post what I want to post MY way on MY Observation stream for MY reasons. I also don't accept custom requests. What is pertinent to you may or may not be pertinent to someone else (or me) and vice versa. If I don't directly ask you for your opinion on how I run my stream, that is probably a very, very...VERY good indicator that I have no interest in your opinion on how I run my stream. If you have a problem with that, stay off my obs stream.

Everything I post is wild - as far as I'm aware. If I have a question (such as about sightings in or near wild life parks, zoos or other captive/cultivated locations), I will typically do research to verify an observed species does actually occur in the wild or has been sighted in the wild in that general area (country, state, region, etc). If you don't "think" it is wild or have a question about whether it is, try ASKING POLITELY.... like a normal person. If you have a problem with that, stay off my obs stream.

Photos are of an extremely reduced quality & posted for scientific purposes only. I sell my photos; therefore, out of consideration for my customers, I will not be posting high quality images (that I make them pay for) online for free. You can argue about the sanctity of the lovely little copyright statements until the cows come home; however, it only takes a press of a button to screenshot an image. The quality of what I post is the quality of what I post. Accept it. If you have a problem with that, stay off my obs stream.

The photos posted here are reduced quality. The ones I have on my computer are not. In addition, I was actually there observing the specimen in real life. Just because I wasn't able to photograph or didn't post a photo showing a particular feature does not mean it was not observed in the specimen. In addition, often (though not always), I have additional photos. If a different angle/closer image might be helpful. I may have one. Ask. However, it will be of the same quality.

That being said, many times, when I give an ID - right or wrong, it is based on multiple factors OUTSIDE of the posted image. If it is the wrong species, it is likely a species VERY SIMILAR to the one I selected. Instead of being rude, try presenting an intelligent argument against it or better yet find the species it actually is. Note: Saying that you can't tell from that photo so I'm wrong is NOT a valid argument. If you have a problem with that, stay off my obs stream.

Lastly, just like you, I am entitled to my opinion. You just saying so doesn't make it so in my world. I will typically compare images of a species/do other research BEFORE I agree with an observation.

Everyone is wrong sometimes. Yes, even some of you and me. If I don't agree, I don't agree. Browbeating me will make me LESS likely to listen to you not more. These observations belong to ME and I'm VOLUNTEERING to share them for research purposes. I will visit the site, update & verify/narrow IDs if/when I have time or the inclination to.

Please keep in mind that this is MY stream, not yours - regardless of how long you've been on here, what you do or how many IDs you've made. Behave yourself accordingly. If you can not, stay off my obs stream.

Are we sensing a pattern here? I hope so.


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