August Farrow

I'm fascinated by nature. I also enjoy taking pictures and publishing digital photo book collections of my work.

I've only just learned about this site (at the end of April 2017) and think it's a neat idea. I have a bit of catching up to do with my uploads (not to mention that I'm continuously taking photos), so be prepared to see a RIDICULOUS number of uploads on this page. I'm also pretty anal about my photos. I label them thoroughly (which means I know the exact date & location where each was taken).

I've also discovered that there is an option to include captive animals as well. I don't know about that one. If I include my captive animal photos, in addition my wild ones, I might well break inaturalist. (grin)

Please note: This will by no means be a complete collection of everything I've photographed though I will make an effort to have at least one photo representative of each critter I've seen at each location uploaded for each location.

PLEASE NOTE: Photos are of an extremely reduced quality & posted for scientific purposes only.

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