I am new to this program. Naturenut and Taogirl, whom I see often, told me about this site and said I should join. I would occasionally ask them, what's that? I will add some things here and their but it probably will not be everyday as I have other hobbies. I am happily married and have two grown son's. I moved from Wisconsin to Fort Worth,TX nine years ago. Love the temperatures in TX. I make greeting cards for family. I like to read, cook and bake. I dabble in crocheting and crafts and we love to go to flea markets and car meets and camping. We love to make old things new again. I am a do- it- yourself as much as possible, woman. I love being outside. I have always loved nature! I bike, hike and walk our dog. I pick up trash when I walk. I clean a huge park. I have been camping and traveling since I was a little girl and with our son's. When I was young, I'd bring a bug in and say,"mom what is this? She'd say, I have no idea. I'd go to the library and try to find it in a book, sadly, I never found it. I love that you can go on the internet and find what you are looking for and if not, other's may help you with your findings. Technology is great! It can also be a head ache. (lol) I do not have a fancy camera and I use my phone often to take pictures. My profile picture is a picture of an Eastern Swallowtail I took on a Lantana bush two years ago. I'd like to say ahead of time, thank you for your time and kindness as again, I am new to this.✌🏻

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