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We're in Ireland to celebrate the big 60 on the iNaturalist World Tour! The top observer is @alflinn329 who has made multiple trips all around Ireland. The second top observer, @formicacid, has activity centered around Carlow. Just to the northwest @koos1 has many observations in the Kilamuck Bog. @deirdrecape is based at the very southwestern tip of Ireland including quite a few from Dursey Island. @rmcmind, currently based in France, is one of the top observers in Ireland. @ahospers, @tiwane, @qgroom, @deboas, & @greglasley are other visitors high up in the observations leaderboard. @shawnodonnell, a Palaeoecologist at Queen's University in Belfast, has many observations in Northern Ireland and elsewhere around the world from around the world but also has quite a few observations from Ireland, particularly County Claire. The same can be said for @bernardpicton, a curator at the National Museum of Northern Ireland in Cultra who focuses on marine invertebrates. Quite a few top observers such as @munstermad are clustered around the capital of Dublin. Just to the north, @adventuresinwoowoo is based near Dundalk. @danielor is a marine biologist at the Marine Institute in Oranmore. While @emilytoner not among the top 50 observers, her research as a National Geographic Explorer is on the cultural and biological significance of Irish peat bogs.

Observations ramped up in the summer of 2018 to around 1,000 observations per month. This summer of 2019 this has since doubled to around 2,000 observations per month.

The top identifier is @alanhorstmann, who in addition to being an expert in South African Succulents and a huge presence on iNaturalist in southern africa, spends several months a year in County Cork, Ireland. Most of the top identifiers are based elsewhere in Europe, such as @ldacosta (leading in birds), @tiggrx (leading in plants), and @amzamz (leading in insects). I should note that there are more mollusk observations than usual in Ireland, probably since Ireland is an Island with lots of nearby coastline. @pierrenoel, a marine biologist from France, is the top mollusk identifier. Many thanks to other top identifiers such as @alexis_orion, @jhbratton and (top observer) @shawnodonnell.

What can we do to get more people in Ireland using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread

@alflinn329, @formicacid, @deirdrecape, @rmcminds, @koos1, @alanhorstmann, @ldacosta, @tiggrx, @alexis_orion, @jhbratton

We’ll be back tomorrow in Croatia!

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Many thanks to the people who identified the observations I made here - this was one of my most enjoyable trips in terms of discovering new species! Thanks also to my wife for enabling my obsessive observations of plants while on our honeymoon...

Posted by rmcminds 6 months ago (Flag)

Maybe a strange question, but there is not a problem with funding with iNaturalsit if iNat is continuting to grow the next 10 years as it was growing last 2 years ? It seems a bit ambitious to add another 60 countries to the iNat country palet ???!!! And except funding there is also not a problem with performance as several pages has so much statistics related information.

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