Orange Hawkweed

Hieracium aurantiacum

Description 5

Also known as fox-and-cubs, Orange Hawkweed is a perennial herb with fibrous roots. It grows up 20-90 cm tall. Leaves form a basal rosette, occasionally with one or two small leaves on the stem. Leaves and stems are covered in soft bristly hairs that stand erect. The flowers are bright orange-red, with heads 1 cm in diameter. Petals have notched tips. This non-native plant is known from across Canada, from Labrador to British Columbia; no records are listed from NWT or Nunavut. Widespread in the USA.

Range in Yukon 5

Currently known only from a roadside location along the Haines Highway.

Similar Species 5

The intensely orange flowers make this species readily identifiable. When not flowering, however, the leaves and stems might be mistaken for other species of hawkweeds (e.g. Tall Hawkweed H. piloselloides).

Ecological Impact 5

Orange hawkweed spreads by stolons, rhizomes, and seed. Forming dense mats in forb meadows & wetlands to the exclusion of native species, it lowers species diversity and reduces the forage value of grasslands for grazing animals. Unlike many invasive species, it can invade undisturbed sites and is therefore considered one of the worst nuisance species in agricultural and natural areas in other jurisdictions.

For more information visit: Yukon Invasive Species Council

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Color orange, yellow
Plant Daisy Family (Asteraceae)