Quack Grass

Elymus repens

Description 5

Quack Grass is a perennial weed that reproduces through seed and its excessive whitish or yellowish rhizomes that end in sharp points. Leaves are flat and pointed.

Range in Yukon 5

Scattered along roadsides in Southern Yukon.

Similar Species 5

Quack Grass has spreading roots. The only other wild rye with spreading roots is Sand-dune Wild Rye (Elymus lanceolatus ssp. psammophilus) which has hairy seeds and flower bracts.

Ecological Impact 5

It forms extensive rhizomes that compete strongly for water and nutrients with cultivated crops and native grasses. It can also hinder the regeneration of native woody species when it forms dense mats.

Control 5

Perennial plants require depletion of nutrient reserves in the root system, prevention of seed production and prevention of dispersal. Small fragments of rhizomes can regenerate, making Quack Grass extremely difficult to control mechanically. Quack Grass should not be planted in seeding projects.

For more information visit: Yukon Invasive Species Council

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