Quagga Mussel

Dreissena bugensis

What are aquatic invasive species? 4

Introduced aquatic organisms that can harm native species by bringing disease and altering ecosystems. This impacts fisheries, tourism, health, and recreation.

Environment Yukon

Appearance 5

The quagga mussel shell is striped and/or zig-zagged, as is that of the zebra mussel, but the quagga shell is paler toward the end of the hinge. There is a large range of shell morphologies, including a distinct morph in Lake Erie that is pale or completely white. The quagga is slightly larger than the zebra mussel, about 20 millimetres (0.8 in) wide, roughly about the size of an adult human's thumbnail. The quagga has a rounded carina and a convex ventral side.

Yukon Invasive Species 4

This is a species of concern for the Yukon, although it hasn't been reported here yet. If you think you've spotted an aquatic invader:

1. Report the incident to the Fisheries Program at Environment Yukon by calling 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5721 or emailing fisheries@gov.yk.ca.
2. If possible, take a photograph, a small sample for identification in a small, secure baggie and note the exact location.
3. Prevent their spread with CHECK, DRAIN, CLEAN.
4. If you find a potential invasive species on equipment after leaving a site, throw it in the garbage and not down the drain.

Environment Yukon.

How are aquatic invasive species spread? 4

Mostly by people and their equipment when they move from place to place. For example: During water-based activities like fishing, aquatic organisms can cling to boats, fishing gear, and footwear; Illegal dumping of aquariums.

Environment Yukon

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Color brown, grey, white
Animal Mussels (Bivalvia)