Three-horn Wartyback

Obliquaria reflexa

Diagnostics 5


  • size: small, maximum 55 mm. most under 40 mm
  • thickness: thick to very thick
  • shape: overall circular, with squared/angular posterior and rounded anterior. posterior ridge pronounced
  • width: moderately inflated
  • surface: mid-shell row of prominent 3-5 large flattened knobs, in alternating positions on each valve. ribbing on posterior slope close to hinge
  • beaks: elevated, pointed and curved inwards. sculptures: knobby, much like rest of shell.
  • color/markings: greenish, tan or brown, occasionally with thin green rays
  • sexual dimorphism: none
  • pseudocardinal teeth: massive, deeply serrated
  • lateral teeth: short, sharply angled with pseudocardinals
  • nacre: white, irridescent in posterior

Soft parts: foot white

Similar species/lookalikes: easily identified by the single row of few, large alternating knobs in mid-shell, which is diagnostic for the taxon. it resembles the mapleleaf Quadrula quadrula, but that species has a second row of nodules located on the posterior ridge.

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