5028 thumb Plants 3 - Orders Poales to Vitales - Rouge National Urban Park / parc urbain national de la Rouge - BioBlitz Canada 150

The third and last of three guides detailing the plants of Rouge National Urban Park. Records were generated from pre-existing Rouge National Urban Park species lists, and additional species found during previous Ontario BioBlitz events

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River Bulrush 1
Bolboschoenus fluviatilis
White Bear Sedge 2
Carex albursina
fox-tail sedge
Carex alopecoidea
Eastern Narrowleaf Sedge
Carex amphibola
water sedge 3
Carex aquatilis
wheat sedge
Carex atherodes
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Golden Sedge 5
Carex aurea
Back's sedge 6
Carex backii
Bebb's sedge
Carex bebbii
thin-leaved sedge 8
Carex cephaloidea
oval-headed sedge 9
Carex cephalophora
fibrous-rooted sedge 10
Carex communis
Longhair Sedge 11
Carex comosa
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Fringed Sedge 12
Carex crinita
Crested Sedge
Carex cristatella
Dewey's sedge
Carex deweyana
slender woodland sedge
Carex digitalis
two-seeded sedge
Carex disperma
ebony sedge
Carex eburnea
Blue Sedge 3
Carex flacca
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yellow-green sedge 13
Carex flava
Slender Sedge 14
Carex gracilescens
Graceful Sedge 15
Carex gracillima
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Meadow Sedge 16
Carex granularis
Hairy Sedge 4
Carex hirtifolia
Hitchcock's Sedge 6
Carex hitchcockiana
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Bottlebrush Sedge 18
Carex hystericina
inland sedge 19
Carex interior
4766256014 22195a155f m
bladder sedge 12
Carex intumescens
lake sedge 20
Carex lacustris
smooth-sheathed sedge
Carex laevivaginata
loose-flowered sedge 21
Carex laxiflora
nerveless woodland sedge 22
Carex leptonervia
12190526293 ae83641580 m
Hop Sedge 23
Carex lupulina
7135432083 777fe92ded m
Troublesome Sedge 16
Carex molesta
Peck's sedge 8
Carex peckii
long-stalked sedge 19
Carex pedunculata
7826626786 4b78d9f0e0 m
Woolly Sedge 24
Carex pellita
Pennsylvania Sedge 25
Carex pensylvanica
4774777066 55e4655f33 m
plantain-leaved sedge 26
Carex plantaginea
4774139037 312ea907ca m
broad-leaved sedge 26
Carex platyphylla
field sedge 27
Carex praegracilis
necklace sedge 21
Carex projecta
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Cyperus Sedge 28
Carex pseudocyperus
bracted sedge 2
Carex radiata
retrorse sedge 29
Carex retrorsa
Rosy Sedge 19
Carex rosea
Eastern rough sedge 30
Carex scabrata
dry land sedge
Carex siccata
bur reed sedge 14
Carex sparganioides
spiked sedge
Carex spicata
240px carex sprengelii (8162151756)
long-beaked sedge 31
Carex sprengelii
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Spongy Sedge 31
Carex stipata
6405962717 5eb964412a m
Tussock Sedge 32
Carex stricta
Delicate Quill Sedge 4
Carex tenera
Carex tonsa var. rugosperma
Carex tonsa rugosperma
Northwest Territory sedge 33
Carex utriculata
Carex viridula ssp. viridula
Carex viridula viridula
4733667076 60828025ce m
Fox Sedge 26
Carex vulpinoidea
Pretty Sedge
Carex woodii
Shining Flatsedge 14
Cyperus bipartitus
redroot flatsedge
Cyperus erythrorhizos
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Yellow Nutsedge 34
Cyperus esculentus
Brown Flatsedge
Cyperus fuscus
Great Plains Flatsedge
Cyperus lupulinus
Fragrant flatsedge 4
Cyperus odoratus
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False Nutsedge 35
Cyperus strigosus
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Needle Spikerush 36
Eleocharis acicularis
Wright's Spikerush
Eleocharis diandra
Bald Spikerush 14
Eleocharis erythropoda
Matted Spikerush 37
Eleocharis intermedia
240px eleocharis.palustris
Common Spike-rush 38
Eleocharis palustris
Schoenoplectus acutus var. acutus
Schoenoplectus acutus acutus
Schoenoplectus pungens var. pungens
Schoenoplectus pungens pungens
Softstem Bulrush 3
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani
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Dark Green Bulrush 39
Scirpus atrovirens
Scirpus cyperinus
4155051409 429d72cdd6 m
Panicled Bulrush 31
Scirpus microcarpus
Nodding Bulrush 40
Scirpus pendulus
Bashful Bulrush
Trichophorum planifolium
Northern Green Rush
Juncus alpinoarticulatus
Jointed rush 41
Juncus articulatus
3926959089 7b3bdd9ea9 m
Baltic Rush 31
Juncus balticus
4166696945 7beb397c0b m
toad rush 31
Juncus bufonius
5368983522 39f60a1c84 m
Canada Rush 12
Juncus canadensis
5915749927 f07f6d0c71 m
Flattened Rush 42
Juncus compressus
Dudley's Rush 43
Juncus dudleyi
845013243 fb539e8f53 m
Soft Rush 44
Juncus effusus
Juncus effusus ssp. solutus 45
Juncus effusus solutus
6000127528 1793a26b07 m
Saltmarsh Rush 46
Juncus gerardii
Knotted Rush 47
Juncus nodosus
4155818318 810a701fd1 m
Slender Rush 31
Juncus tenuis
8744153077 2bba99f939 m
Torrey's Rush 48
Juncus torreyi
Hairy Woodrush 4
Luzula acuminata
Luzula multiflora ssp. multiflora
Luzula multiflora multiflora
Agrostis gigantea
Perennial Bentgrass
Agrostis perennans

Edited by Angela Telfer and Stacey Lee Kerr, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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