August 23, 2020


So I live on Nyoongar boodja in South Western Australia. The Nyoongar people have six phenological seasons. Around about now -we are entering Djilba bonar, the season of conception. How do we know we are in Djilba season? If you're in Nyoongar country at the moment, look around and perhaps you'll see the bright yellows of wattles appearing, and some of the cream coloured flowers. I'm also seeing some blues, like the native wisteria. Out of the suburbs you might be seeing some well fed kangaroos and emu - and the reptiles like Gould's monitor might be out taking some sun as things warm up.

This is my favourite season - some people might call it Springter or first Spring when things are still fresh from the rain. Kambarang is the most famous season here, (Sprummer or second Spring) But both seasons have great flowers. Grass trees will be starting up their flower spikes a little later.

But probably one of the most evident markers of Djilba is the start of terrorcrazydeathbird season, or Australian Magpie swooping season. Other birds will also be defending their nests, but none so evident as Koolbardi, as they're known in the standardised Nyoongar language.

So watch out all you folks out innocently gathering data!

Do you have access to indigenous season information in your area? In Australia the Bureau of Meteorology has done some work in this area.

If you're in the South West of Western Australia, what indicators of Djilba are you cataloguing? for some more info.

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