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May 04, 2020

May 11, 2020


Can you identify Dicentra species by leaves? I only can identify from flowers. This observation shows squirrel corn and dutchman's breeches together (according to comments) and it looks as though the leaves are different enough that you could use them for identification.

Plants of Pennsylvania says they express a difference in color, which is a fickle way to identify and even more so on digitized photos where color and brightness can be manipulated. I was looking at my bleeding hearts vs. my dutchman's breeches, and it seems like the bleeding hearts are denser with slightly pointed tips, while the Breeches are loose, thinner, more separated with rounded tips. Is this consistent among different plants of the same species? I will try to compile observations that can show a representative sample sometime...

D. uniflora vs. D. pauciflora - uniflora has a more triangular, steer's head shape, and outer petals curve closer to the stem, while pauciflora has a narrower, spoon shape to the central portion (inner petals), and the outer petals curve to the end of the flower rather than at the top (botanists apparently call this the bottom, since it is closer to the stem - I am going to have to wrap my head around what is top and bottom for these).

D. uniflora

D. pauciflora

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