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June 01, 2020

Lady Beetle resources

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June 08, 2020

Joe Pye resources

In short:
Spotted (Maculata) - Flat-headed pannicles of flowers, purple spotted stems (sometimes purple spots on purple stems which can be hard to see). Stems may be hollow, especially at the base. Stems are said to be pubescent. This is usually shorter with no more than 6 leaves per whorl. Petioles are short, teeth on leaves are sharp.

Hollow (Fistulosum) - Mounded pannicles of flowers, 5-7 florets per head. Greater number of leaves per whorl (4-7), hollow stem, Glaucus (strong bloom on central stem).

Sweet (purpureum) - Mounded pannicles of flowers, no more than 5 leaves per whorl, glabrous stems, stems green although they may be purple at nodes. Stems are solid. Likes a drier habitat than others.

Coastal plain Joe-pye - leaves strongly three nerved. Occurs farther inland from the coastal plain, so location to identify must be used cautiously. Inflorescence rounded or strongly convex. Stems entirely purple.

Illinois sweet

Illinois spotted

Illinois hollow

Flora of North America Key

Appalacian Joe-Pye identification (Eutrochium Steelei)
more references at the bottom


coastal plain joe pye

Unknown eutrochium

Depauperate - unknown

spotted - maculata

Wildflowers book
Flowers dull, pale, pinkish purple in a fuzzy, massive , somewhat domed cluster. Stem usually green, often glaucous (with a slight whitish bloom), purplish or blackish at leaf joints. Leaves usually with whorls of 3-4, odor of vanilla when crushed. 2-6 ft tall, Thickets, woods. July-sept

similar to purpureum but stem a deep purple or purple spotted, not glaucous. Flower clusters deeper in color, more flat-topped. Leaves in 4's and 5's , 2-7 feet tall, Wet tickets, meadows, July -sept

similar to first two species but leaves usually 6, stem smooth, glaucous tinged with purple, but seldom spotted. hollow or tubed in cross section. Flower clusters domed. Wet thickets, meadows. 2-7 feet. July-sept.

Plants of PA
Stems to 2 m tall, dark purple at the nodes, otherwise green. solid or with a slender central cavity toward the base, leaves in whorls of 3-4, inflorescence convex, florets pale pink or purplish, common in open woods, fields, and floodplains. occurs in drier, more shaded habitats than our other joe pye species, mostly South, flowers July-oct

stems to 2 m tall, purple spotted to purple throughout, rarely glaucous, occasionally hollow near the base in age, leaves in whorls of 4-5, in __ or its divisions, flat topped, florets purplish, 9-20 per head,

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June 11, 2020

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