John Muir Trail in September

I'm walking the JMT in September and taking my camera.
Any requests for species to watch for?
Taking a fly rod also, hoping to "collect" a few fish.

Posted by chauncey chauncey, August 23, 2019 15:18



Photos of Pika and Marmot, please :)

Posted by jaredmanninen 3 months ago (Flag)

Will do. I've photoed only one pika and it was dead on the TRT.

Posted by chauncey 3 months ago (Flag)

A challenge for you, then :) I've gotten a very small handful of grainy shots of pika in the past couple years. They definitely like their privacy!

Hope you guys have a great time out there. Get in touch if you need anything (612-788-0828).

And just an fyi, I'm signed up to take the CA Naturalist cert class at Lake Tahoe Community College from Sept 16 - Dec 9. It's provided in partnership with UC Davis' program. LTCC has a big wilderness outdoor education program, so I'm also signed up to take the Wilderness First Responder course in late October. Very exciting stuff!

Posted by jaredmanninen 3 months ago (Flag)

Safe trekking and enjoy! Looking forward to seeing your iNat posts.
Janet (in Sonoma now)

Posted by jzzipkin 3 months ago (Flag)

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