January 09, 2020

Taxonomy management log





-synchronized genus Patagoniodes (https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/377594-Patagoniodes) with GBIF




  • daily WSC updates

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December 04, 2018

Spider taxonomy curation

With iNaturalist now using a reference source to align spider taxonomy to, I've gradually been working to align the iNaturalist database with the contents of the World Spider Catalog. This work consists of:

  • checking daily for updates logged at WSC and incorporating them
  • reviewing the existing species already in the iNat database and validating their accuracy, making adjustments when needed
  • working through the WSC database to add new species to the iNat database. I'm sort of half tacking this taxonomically, and half tackling it geographically.
  • specialized national spider checklists are being built using the data at WSC. When a checklist is completed, it means all species listed as present in that nation at the WSC are now in the iNat database. So far checklists are done for:
    North America - Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti, Dominican Republic
    South America - Falkland Islands, South Georgia, St. Helena, Guyana, French Guyana, Suriname, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil
    Africa - Egypt, Ethiopia, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Angola, Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Togo, Guinea-Bissau, Equatoria Guinea, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Sao Tome, Cameroon, Gabon, Eritrea, Ghana, Liberia, DRC
    Asia - Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Japan(Okinawa, Ryukyus, mainland), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, UAE, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan
    Oceania - New Caledonia, Kiribati, Samoa, Fiji, Australia (Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, ACT, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland), Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tonga
    Europe - Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Czechia, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia (Novaya Zemlya, Northern European Russia, Western European Russia, Central European Russia, Eastern European Russia, Southern European Russia, Asian Russia)

  • eventually links on all taxa pages to the relevant WSC page will be added as well as entry of all synonyms listed at WSC

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