Genus Erythrischius in North America

Oncopeltus sandarachatus / Oncopeltus cingulifer.

Orlando, by Andrew Lamb, August 28th 2017

Two very close species, hard to distinguish. The key features remains unclear, and subspecies or varieties have been described, that are not necessarly of some taxonomic importance. It is not impossible that, in the future, observations refered to both the two would have to be reviewed in the light of new discoveries.
O'Rourke's subspecies antillensis poses problems that should be examed.

Smaller, on average : 9-12 mm, about the size of a Lygaeus sp.. The size remains by far the simplest way to distinguish from O. fasciatus. Appears to be the most common Oncopeltus species in Florida, with Oncopeltus fasciatus more uncommon.

More slender, often with a contrasting bright red head. Pronotal pattern also slighly different, though pretty variable, in many case more enlarged on the posterior margin, often reaching the posterior angles. Last three abdominal segment bright red, visible ventrally only on adults, making ventral view often easier to identify than dorsal ones.

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