Identification tips for distinguishing between Cyclophora myrtaria (Waxmyrtle Wave) and Cyclophora packardi (Packard's Wave)

The illustrations below show the key features for separating these two similar species.

RANGE: With the exception of a few apparent extralimital records, C. myrtaria is restricted to the coastal plain regions of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts (US), while C. packardi is widespread throughout the eastern US.

UPDATE: C. myrtaria is now included in the iNat Computer Vision model as of the 12-Apr-2022 update.

Additional resources:
BOLD page for C. myrtaria
BOLD page for C. packardi



Additional Images for Comparison

Cyclophora packardi

Cyclophora myrtaria

Posted on August 11, 2021 02:24 PM by johntrent johntrent


Nice job. My packardi and myrtaria look as you described.

Posted by stuartmarcus almost 3 years ago

17-Apr-2022: Added an update to the post noting that myrtaria is now included in the latest computer vision model.

Posted by johntrent about 2 years ago

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