Wintering Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles feed mainly on fish, either self-caught or taken from Osperys. But when fish are scarce they prey on smaller mammals like hares, muskrats and beavers. They will also take waterfowl and can be seen forcing ducks and coots to dive again and again until the exhausted bird is easily captured. However in winter when the waters freeze the Bald Eagles that remain in the Columbia Valley rely largely on carrion.

Photo immature Bald Eagle feeding on a White-tailed Deer carcass. The deer was likely kill by a train as it was near the railway tracks..

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Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)




December 16, 2019 03:38 PM MST


Immature Bald Eagle feeding on  a young of the year White-tailed Deer (that was possibly killed by a train). When I came across it there were also Black-billed Magpies and Common Ravens on the carcass as well.

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