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January 04, 2017

Polystichum field guide

Kia ora tatou,

I've assembled a primarily-photographic field guide to New Zealand's six species of indigenous Polystichum ferns. If it proves useful, I'll likely do similar guides for other fern groups.

It's still very much a draft, but if you are willing and able to try it out and provide feedback, please message me your email address and I'll send you the pdf. Feel free to share it; for instance, botanical societies are a target audience.

I'm interested in whether the guide allows the species to be clearly distinguished, and if the format (including being delivered as an A4 pdf) is convenient.

Kind regards,

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January 30, 2017

Mapping Asplenium flabellifolium

We've just got draft maps back for the eFloraNZ for Asplenium. These are based on verified specimens in the collections of Auckland Museum, Landcare Research, and Te Papa.

For Asplenium flabellifolium, we were very surprised to see that are no specimens from the North Island's East Coast region. There are also no NatureWatch observations. Why is that?! Asplenium flabellifolium is present to both the north and south, and its preference for drier habitats would seem well suited to the climate of the East Coast.

We suppose that Asplenium flabellifolium is present on the East Coast but hasn't yet been documented. If you're in that region, please look out for this species!

We're also surprised by the two specimens from the west coast of the South Island, where the climate would seem too wet. Both specimens are rather old, and it would be good to have recent verification that Asplenium flabellifolium is indeed present on the South Island's west coast. Perhaps there are some drier micro-habitats somewhere.

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