August 31, 2021

Summer to Fall transition

Summer is coming to a close and I have had a really awesome one, it was an incredible experience to spend a week with like minded birders and naturalists in the Rockies of Colorado. I had over 1000 observations in CO alone and I still stay in touch with the friends I made out there. A few weeks ago I took a three day trip with my Dad to Kansas City and Omaha purely to get the lay of the land of southern biodiversity. Many interesting trees were down there including lots of Pawpaw and many oaks, I got my lifer Chuck wills widow and my photo lifer Fish crow among others. Seeing Southern Odes like Slaty Skimmer and Citrine forktail was unforgettable. Now in the last few weeks I’ve been keeping it more chill at least from my perspective still pumping out about 50 observations a day and going birding at least somewhere. It’s a pleasure to see many migrant passerines coming through my area right now and maybe I’ll be able to snag another new plant or insect although it’ll progressively get harder by the week. What a summer it has been, sad to see it go but I’m sure this fall will be beautiful and have a few fun adventures for me to undertake, I’m fairly certain I’m going to Duluth for birding in mid September and late October so I’m looking forward to it.

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June 28, 2021

Summer time ☀️

Summer has begun, the time when I shift from a birder to a naturalist once again, hope to make my list higher and I’ll be traveling to Colorado this summer too. I just got back from an orchid trip up north and I hope to find a few more orchids before the years end. If a rare bird shows up I’ll chase it but until then I’ll keep looking at butterflies and plants because they are phenomenal in June and July.

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March 21, 2021

20,000 observations! 🎉

On 3/19/21 I hit a massive inat milestone in the form of my 20000th observation, I’m now going to take it easy for a bit and upload fewer observations a day and mainly targeting species I haven’t seen.

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March 18, 2021

Almost to 20k

I’m almost to 20,000 iNaturalist observations,It might happen tomorrow or by the end of the week. It is an exhilarating feeling that I’m this close and I thought it was a massive deal when I smacked 10K on July 29th 2020, at the rate I’m going who know how many observations I’ll have in a lifetime. I hope to move out of Minnesota in a few years so I can live and dominate a completely different habitat and all different organisms to get somewhere in the Southern US and plus I do hate snow. Here is my 10,000th just for reference...

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