April 03, 2019

Cooper Mountain Bird Walk

Bird walk, but a unseasonably warm and sunny day. Yellow-rumpled warblers were calling, and we momentarily thought the call might be an early Orange-crowned warbler, but they have not been seen yet. New flowers photographed were Pacific hound's tongue, and Milkmaids. Also spotted many Red Deadnettle in the grasses. A first blooming Iris tenax was seen on the trail. Western bluebirds appear to be nesting in the box on the lower trail - saw both male and female-we were tipped off by the millennial birding group.

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August 29, 2018

Aug. 27, 2018, Sunset Beach Beach Trail Walk

Beautiful day at the beach, walked Sunset Beach Trail, no wind about 80 degrees, watching Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sedge Dancers, and some Sooty Dancers. The Sedge Dancers, quite large with striking blue and green iridescence, would fiercely defend their small patch of marsh, with constant back and forth movements in a kind of figure eight patten. They would occasionally hover and I had a brief chance for an in flight photo. Need to start shooting at 6 -11 shots per second. The main trail seems to be a reliable spot for Black Phoebes. At the lake, Waterpepper was blooming right at the shoreline.

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