Spring cleaning. Tony


Housekeeping is all very well and good and essential. But it is not quite enough. Every now and then we need to do Spring cleaning as well.
For instance, the following checks are important.
((Use these links, but click "My observations" in the grey filter box, so that it will replace the filter with your own observations.))

. 1. Observations without any identifications:
Just make sure that you do not have too many. And remember IDs like Erica or Proteaceae or Poaceae help a lot (but IDs like Plants, Monocots and dicots are pretty useless: rather leave them unidentified in my opinion). There are a few groups that cannot be easily classified: I regularly use this one for trees:: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/trees-of-south-africa (and there are people particularly interested in trees, who use this to help identify our trees: Help ID our trees!

. 2. Make sure that all your observations have a locality. It is quite easy to forget to fill it in.
In this case you will have to fill in your locality - if you can remember where it was!

. 3. Make sure that all your observations have pictures or sounds. Especially if you are using the app, it is easy to accidentally submit observations that cannot be verified.
Here you will need to decide if you can find the photographs and add them, or delete the observation, or leave it as a medialess observation.

. 4. Make sure that your Location Accuracy is filled in. This is crucial if your data is to contribute to CREW work, conservation, redlisting or research.
Please see instructions here for why this is important, and why you must always fill it in: using-inaturalist-data-for-research
While at it, make sure that some of your localities are not too vague: these really should be refined:
There is hardly ever a good reason where you should not be able to get a locality less accurate than 5km. And please keep these to a minimum.

and (not last, but this is Springcleaning, not a total clearing out)

. 5. Check if any of your identifications are interfering with making an observation research grade.
https://www.inaturalist.org/identifications?current=true&user_id=tonyrebelo&category=maverick (replace my name with yours in the url box)
These are important. You may be wrong, in which case with "withdraw" your ID, or make a revised ID. On the other hand you may be correct, in which case, please add a comment explaining why your ID should be agreed to.

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