Identify mode is now my friend

I've been using the "Identify" mode more now than my original approach--and I really like it. Since I can't remember names very well, I rely a lot on the "Suggestions" tab--but only for species that I already know don't have look-a-likes in the area.

I finished identifying every heteropteran within 500 km of my home--all 7,200 of them. Well, that's an untruth--I looked at all of them (ID'd the ones I knew). I'm quickly catching up to @sambiology as top identifer of Texas heteropterans. Watch your back Sam, you're going down!

Posted on February 16, 2018 02:27 AM by pfau_tarleton pfau_tarleton


Yeah, I LOVE using the identify mode -- and you can filter like crazy. I tend to start with the local stuff, and then move outward -- although, the local observations keep me super busy on ID's!

I better get into ID'ing more hemipterans this spring, then! ;)

Posted by sambiology over 6 years ago

Yes, I noticed the heteropteran IDs. Thanks for that. I always check the iNat autoID suggestion by simply clicking in the ID box and waiting for a list of suggestions. If I'm not certain, I view some of the more promising suggestions in a new tab. I have trouble remembering ID's as well and this option really helps.

Posted by oz4caster over 6 years ago

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