Timberlake Bioblitz weekend of October 16th (Saturday - Sunday)

Here are observations from this weekend:
--observation mode:

--identify mode: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Cresearch&place_id=118103&d1=2021-10-16&d2=2021-10-17

If you're reading this, join us for a fall bioblitz at the Timberlake Field Station near Goldthwaite, TX!

[Update: Arrive after 11 am Saturday and stay till after lunch Sunday.]

It's been pretty dry out there this summer, so don't expect a lush flora!

The bunkhouse (with electricity and restrooms) is available and has 6 twin beds (respond to reserve a bed--first come first served). I think it would be wisest to have only folks that are vaccinated in the bunkhouse. There's lots of room to pitch a tent near the restroom and shower facility.

Tarleton State University’s Timberlake Field Station is an educational and research facility located on the Colorado River in the heart of Texas--midway between Austin and Abilene. The 790 acre property has over 2 miles of Colorado river frontage and includes bottomland and upland habitats.

Here's the link to detailed info about Timberlake and the bioblitz (including directions): https://docs.google.com/document/d/19D_D0b94QvtB72GR8e5cSH8XHXFSe9DS69zffjRrbtw/edit?usp=sharing

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Posted by lovebirder about 2 years ago

Great! I want to reserve a bed in the bunkhouse. Thanks.

Posted by connlindajo about 2 years ago

See you then. Will have maybe a dozen more pellet samples for the freezer.
Car camping.

Posted by mikef451 about 2 years ago

I've got family stuff scheduled for that weekend, but please keep inviting me! I'll make it down there at some point.

Posted by baxter-slye about 2 years ago

Yes, so happy this is still on! I'd like to sign up for a bed this time, try something new. I'm fully vaccinated.

Posted by annikaml about 2 years ago

Hoping to make it. Didn't make the last fall one so should be interesting.

Posted by brentano about 2 years ago

Oh and if I could get a bed in bunkhouse that would be great.

Posted by brentano about 2 years ago

I hope to make it. Will NOT need a bed in the bunkhouse this time.

Posted by bacchusrock about 2 years ago

I have a wedding and can't make it. Have fun!!

Posted by butterflies4fun about 2 years ago

If I can make it it'd be the morning/afternoon of the 16th. my folks are the usual childcare backstop but they're out of town till the 15th

Posted by williampaulwhite17 almost 2 years ago

Count me in, thanks for the tag! I have something Saturday morning but I'll roll in Saturday later afternoon and tent camp on the property.

Posted by lorimalloy almost 2 years ago

I am still planning to attend for Saturday; morning until evening.

Posted by bacchusrock almost 2 years ago

Darn. Cannot make it. I will get there at some point! Y'all have a great weekend.

Posted by alflinn329 almost 2 years ago

Tentative depending on some other plans.

Posted by rymcdaniel almost 2 years ago

Rats...got another commitment that weekend! Have fun everyone!!!

Posted by dcarrie almost 2 years ago

Bah humbug!!! I have to stay in town next weekend.... Dang it. :(

I will do some blacklighting up here, so we can have some results to compare to! :)

Posted by sambiology almost 2 years ago

Unfortunately, I can't make this one. :-(

Posted by beschwar almost 2 years ago

Looking at the weather forecast, I don't think it will be worth folk's time to come to Timberlake this weekend. Lows in upper 40s, highs in lower 70s. I was out there this weekend and the insect diversity was very low despite it being 90 degrees and warm nights. Lots of armadillos, but not much else. Even the birds were AWOL. It was a very disappointing weekend for nature observation. I'm assuming that folks will probably agree that canceling might be best? But if folks still want to come out, I'm game (but would likely omit Friday night and make it Sat/Sun.

Posted by pfau_tarleton almost 2 years ago

Your decision, Russell. Any thing you say is fine with me. I still have not uploaded all my observations from Palestine area yet!

Posted by connlindajo almost 2 years ago

I plan on being here if it happens. Thanks Russell!

Posted by mikef451 almost 2 years ago

I'm up for a shorter visit if that is happening.

Posted by annikaml almost 2 years ago

I'm up for a shorter visit too. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks, Russell!

Posted by amzapp almost 2 years ago

I'm up for a modified trip! Thanks!

Posted by lorimalloy almost 2 years ago

My plan was only Sat afternoon and Sunday morning. Depending on how much rain we actually get. I have of concern about muddy roads and such, otherwise I would likely still plan to be there.

Posted by brentano almost 2 years ago

That's the spirit! We'll build a campfire to keep warm, roast marshmallows, and tell stories about all the things we've seen on warmer bioblitzes! The roads are well graveled (or sandy), so no chance of getting physically stuck. If you haven't already, reserve a bed in the bunkhouse. There's also the classroom building (bring your own cot or pad--no extra charge for scorpion stings if you sleep on the floor). But the crisp air should be great for tent camping, also--love hearing the coyotes and owls.

Posted by pfau_tarleton almost 2 years ago

Suggested arrival time?

Posted by connlindajo almost 2 years ago

Arrive after 11 am Saturday and stay till after lunch Sunday.

Posted by pfau_tarleton almost 2 years ago

Something has come up and sadly, I'm going to need to pass on this weekend. Enjoy!

Posted by bacchusrock almost 2 years ago

Thanks Russell! Looking forward to it!

Posted by lorimalloy almost 2 years ago

Family stuff has come up, I can't make it.

Posted by williampaulwhite17 almost 2 years ago

I'm going to provide brats for us to cook around the campfire (along with buns and some simple fixin's). I'll also bring some marshmallows. If you have your own marshmallow stick, you might want to bring it. I'll be arriving around 11 am Saturday, so plan to arrive anytime after that. There's a waiver that everyone will need to sign this time (they're starting to get official with the paperwork and all).

Posted by pfau_tarleton almost 2 years ago

I'm not going to make it this time. I was asked to coordinate a local bioblitz that same day, and my car troubles have increased! (If anyone happens to have a spare gear shift cable for a 2008 Toyota Sienna laying around somewhere, I'd appreciate it! It's on backorder worldwide with 1,800 other requests, so the van is parked at the mechanic indefinitely. Trying to buy a new car, but those are on backorder too!! Nov 7th can't come soon enough.) Have fun and enjoy a 'shmellow for me!!

Posted by kimberlietx almost 2 years ago

Looks like I will have to bow out due to car trouble as well. Thought I would get mine back from the mechanic the middle of this week, but they are keeping it til early next week. Have fun.

Posted by rymcdaniel almost 2 years ago

A little cool, not as many critters out and about, but what a spectacular weekend otherwise! Thanks everyone for the good food and good friendships and your dedication to the Timberlake Biodiversity Initiative!

Here's the link to this weekend's observations in Identify mode (including research grade):

Here's the link in Observations mode:

Posted by pfau_tarleton almost 2 years ago

Russell, many thanks for all you did to make this event happen! A great time with wonderful people and nature all around. Enjoyed seeing the crew again. Saw quite a bit of stuff irrespective of the cool temps, which actually were a nice contrast for the last trip out there. Took lots of pics, surely some turned out, so will get my observations posted as soon as possible. Looking forward to the next one!

Posted by jcochran706 almost 2 years ago

Thank you, Russell, and everyone else there for making this chilly weekend so soul-warming!

Posted by annikaml almost 2 years ago

Thanks, Russell, for making the Timberlake outing possible! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and seeing some familiar faces. Thanks, too, for the dinner hospitality (now I know what a shaggy dog is!). I saw so much great stuff, and the Sunday morning birding was sublime. I'm going through photos now, will post them soon. I hope there's another in the spring!

Posted by lorimalloy almost 2 years ago

Thank you again Russell for your work and effort in providing a great weekend gathering. We do appreciate you. I enjoyed the time around the fire and the utter quietness of the place. . Hope you slept warm. I am just now sitting down to upload my first observation made on Saturday at Timberlake. Hoping I will be able to contribute something worthwhile to make it worth your effort.

Posted by connlindajo almost 2 years ago

So much cool stuff and so many friends! Can't wait for next time! Excellent food and company, Thanks Russell.

Posted by mikef451 almost 2 years ago

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