Sinanodonta cf. woodiana 2 is a Sinanodonta woodiana?

Sinanodonta cf. woodiana 2 is a Sinanodonta woodiana?

Lopes-Lima, M. In the el al (2019) paper, Sinanodonta woodiana was divided into two groups, including Russia and the northern group (Sinanodonta cf. woodiana 2), and the southern group including Southeast Asia (Sinanodonta cf. woodiana 1).

I found a herd with the same COI gene (Sinandonta cf. woodiana 2) in Seosan and Boseong, Korea. That's why inaturalist records it that way. On the other hand, (Sinandonta cf. woodiana 1) is recorded in inaturalsit as Sinanodonta woodiana.

However, in 2021, Lopes et al recorded the same COI gene that I observed in Seosan as Sinanodonta woodiana in the NCBI.
Lopes-Lima,M., Gurlek,M.E., Kebapci,U., Sereflisan,H., Yanik,T., Mirzajani,A., Neubert,E., Prie,V., Teixeira,A., Gomes-Dos-Santos,A., Barros-Garcia,D., Bolotov,I.N., Kondakov,A.V., Vikhrev,I.V., Tomilova,A.A., Ozcan,T., Altun,A., Goncalves,D.V., Bogan,A.E. and Froufe,E.

Then, can it be regarded as Sinanodonta woodiana (Sinanodonta cf. woodiana 2) that lives in temperate regions including Russia and Korea?

So, what species should be recorded (Sinanodonta cf. woodiana 1) in the tropics of Southeast Asia and southern China?

The phylogenetic tree is posted on the Hangul page that I run.

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