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February 23, 2015

Rana chensinensis, Rana amurensis

First, I have little english. Sorry.

In winter season, in Korea imported a lot of Rana frog in China for eat. The selling price of $ 60 1kg. I bought an imported 3kg frog caught in the surrounding Paektu ㅡmountain near North Korea.

The male frogs were all great, looks like Rana dybowskii but head front was blunt. In the past, Rana chensinensis said recently that seems to distinguish the Rana dybowskii.

The little frog is almost all females were seen as the Rana chensinensis, Rana amurensis. But I'm not sure. So mtDNA analysis is needed, and it seems I need to establish Rana chensinensis. Will soon run the mtDNA analyte will attempt to correct accordingly.

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