Escaping the news a bit -- venturing off to nature! Also, donate to iNat. :)

So, I was getting a bit overwhelmed and stressed out by all of the news... Lots of suffering and anger and bad news. It sucks. I even heard a new term: doomscrolling... You scroll down on your news feed and get bad news after bad news... We're inundated and saturated with it. :-/

Soooooo, I broke a bit of the rules and social distanced far from home the past few days. I know, I know, I know -- I should stay at home, but I just had to shuffle off and really escape. I headed west! I went to Big Springs State Park, Monahans Sandhills State Park, and then to Balmorhea State Park (well, the outskirts -- it's still closed). It was about a 7 hour drive to the furthest spot, but wow, did I have fun. I black lighted at several spots, and I've got a whole slew of photos to go through. :) I've got lots of ID'ing to do as well! Also, I tend to make lots and lots and lots of stops on the roads. This is mostly just to keep me awake as I drive - I have to pull over and stretch my legs and look at a weed or two.

Anyways, it was nice to clear the mind a bit, but I also thought a lot about the community on iNat and iNat in general. It's amplified my enjoyment of nature big time. I take it with me every time I go outside, and it's opened my eyes so much to the biodiversity all around me. It's just a tool, but it's like a bridge -- connecting me with nature even more. I like it! :)

As with most things these days, I bet it's not immune to the financial hardships of all non-profits. If you've got a few extra bucks, you should think about supporting iNat, especially right now. I've also double checked, and yep, the funds DO go straight to iNat and not some other bucket. :)

Anywho, it was mighty nice to escape to nature for a bit, clear my mind, remember what's important in life, and check out some bugs and plants. :) Hope everyone else is doing that every now and then too!

Posted by sambiology sambiology, July 10, 2020 21:18



Beautifully put, Sam, as always.

Posted by muir 4 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for your thoughts and all your observations. I enjoyed tagging along with you via iNat on your travels.

Posted by connlindajo 4 months ago (Flag)

Awesome, Sam! That sounds like a wonderful trip. I love that drive and all those places.
Thanks for the inspiration! iNat wouldn't be near as fun without your enthusiasm and all the gatherings you put together.

Posted by tadamcochran 4 months ago (Flag)

When this is over, we'll need to schedule gatherings every weekend--I already have several planned in my mind for Timberlake.

Posted by pfau_tarleton 4 months ago (Flag)

Let's see: Early July in West Texas. It wasn't hot, was it?
Sam, I am at your disposal to help with moth IDs from your travels. I'll try to keep up with them, but tag me if I overlook something interesting or puzzling.

Posted by gcwarbler 4 months ago (Flag)

Glad you took the trip and took a break from the gloom and doom. Follow you on iNat let me tag along to see things outside my world. Thanks for sharing your observation and your thoughts!

Posted by texslm 4 months ago (Flag)

I could tell you were way out west by your observations and their coordinates. I'm envious and happy for your wanderings at the same time! Thank you for sharing this and take good care of yourself, friend.

Posted by troutlily57 4 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the observations and the post. Glad you were able to sneak away! I’m inspired to do the same soon!

Posted by dorothy12 4 months ago (Flag)

Perfect! Stay away from the doom and gloom on the internet, too, it's not good for the soul.

Posted by cgritz 4 months ago (Flag)

@pfau_tarleton That sounds like a plan. Chili's had to let me go, so I'm finding myself with a little free time these days.

Posted by bosqueaaron 4 months ago (Flag)

@bosqueaaron, oh sorry to hear that! Many folks at Tarleton were laid off Friday, fortunately, I'm not one of them (yet). Timberlake visits will have to wait until COVID is resolved as the university is really clamping down on things that we're allowed to do.

Posted by pfau_tarleton 3 months ago (Flag)

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