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Butterflies and Moths of North America
Regional Species Checklists
Butterflies and Moths of Santa Barbara County, California, United States

These species not found on iNaturalist
Schinia citrinella
Schinia sueta californica
Cisthene deserta
Kodiosoma fulvum
Pleurotus albastrigulella
Exaeretia gracilis
Ethmia scylla

These species were not on the "Butterflies and Moths of North America" Santa Barbara regional list
Sparganothis senecionana
Hemaris diffinis
Coenonympha california
Heliothis phloxiphaga
Heliothodes diminutiva
Pyrausta dapalis
Celastrina ladon
Phryganidia californica
Uresiphita reversalis

This list only accepts taxa that are species or lower
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