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2019 Jan, The Daily - Case Western Reserve University

How male dragonflies adapt wing color to temperature

Hundreds of dragonfly photos on iNaturalist were examined as part of a study looking into the connection between wing color and local temperature.

2018 Oct, The New York Times

With Bugs, You're Never Home Alone

Coverage of the Never Home Alone project that aims to understand the wildlife inside our homes.

2018 Aug, Associated Press

The Green Big Apple: New Yorkers document the city’s plants

The AP writes about the New York Botanical Garden's endeavor to map all of the city's plants.

2018 Apr, Microsoft News

Like taking a whole scientific team with you on a walk: iNaturalist helps spawn a generation of citizen scientists

A story for Earth Day highlighting the contributions of users, the impact of the community, and the support of Microsoft AI for Earth.

2018 Mar, Earther

This New App Is Like Shazam for Your Nature Photos

Asher Elbein writes about the new gamified, kid-safe nature exploration app for iOS Seek by iNaturalist that uses solely computer vision.

2017 Dec, South China Morning Post

Conservation in Hong Kong: citizen scientists enlisted to record and safeguard city’s amazing biodiversity

A piece about Hong Kong's Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) and its citizen science initiatives, including a BioBlitz that used iNaturalist.

2017 Dec, The New York Times Magazine

Letter of Recommendation: iNaturalist

Ferris Jabr writes a piece about iNat's computer vision ID feature and the importance of knowing the names of living things.

2017 Mar, Science Friday

Where to Find Wildflowers? Experts Weigh In

iNat co-founder Ken-ichi Ueda shares how to use iNaturalist to record and share the spring wildflower bloom alongside a panel of fellow wildlife-enthusiasts.

2016 Nov,

Nature Lovers Come Together on to Document Their Environment and Share Their Passion

Not quite "press", but still kind of amusing, and not a bad write-up! Also brings to mind John Muir Laws's thoughts on love and nature.

2016 Jul, National Public Radio

The App That Aims To Gamify Biology Has Amateurs Discovering New Species

This story featuring iNaturalist by KERA in Texas got picked up by NPR for national broadcast on All Tech Considered.

2016 Jul, Mongabay

Citizen science leads to snail rediscovery in Vietnam

Describes a snail posted to iNat from Vietnam that hadn't been seen in over 100 years.

2015 Nov, Forbes

How Emerging Technologies Could Help Protect Biodiversity

Story about a recent paper on technology for conservation that covers iNaturalist

2014 Nov, MongaBay

Citizen scientist site hits one million observations of life on Earth

Nice story on iNat reaching 1,000,000 observations and launching improved maps.

2014 May, Science

The biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection

Pimm et al. assess the current rate of extinction compared with a hypothetical background rate. They cite iNaturalist as an important tool in helping scientists fill the gaps in our knowledge of where species currently persist.

2014 February, San Francisco Chronicle

Bioblitz volunteers help catalog species

SF Chronicle coverage of an iNat-powered bioblitz that we helped organize in collaboration with Nerds for Nature, Wild Oakland, and numerous other partners. Nerds for Nature has conducted numerous bioblitzes like this, and they're both tons of fun and a great model for using iNat to engage people with nature while collecting potentially useful data.

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