Matt Osborne

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I'm currently a biology undergraduate, and intermittently an insect lab technician. Birds introduced me to nature, but nowadays I'm taking photos of anything that can be identified.

Some of my main interests:
  • The impact of human activity on native ecosystems, particularly introduced and invasive species
  • Bioacoustics and its applications, such as nocturnal flight call monitoring and singing insects
  • Often-overlooked parasites, such as gall-formers, leaf-miners, and fungi

Notes on identifications by me:
I only provide identifications for other people I'm reasonably confident on, and usually make it clear when I have doubts. However, please DO NOT blindly agree with me, because I am human and I make mistakes like anyone else!

I identify a bunch of random groups, such as Calligrapha leaf beetles, Phragmites reeds, and Gryllus crickets, usually just in Ontario. Besides the super common/distinct species the average naturalist knows like the back of their hand, I'm usually actively consulting keys or other sources—feel free to ask if you want to know where an ID comes from! I don't mind being tagged, although bear in mind I'm not truly an expert on these taxa.

The vast majority of my iNatting is done on foot or via public transit, and I encourage others to do the same!

You're always welcome to get in touch if you have any questions, or are in the area :)

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