Mark Hura

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Interested in all aspects of natural history, with a particular focus on beetles. I specialise in the Carenini tribe of Scaritinae ground beetles, although my user name is actually a genus of Longicorn beetle (long story but long ago I was getting tired of my preferred user names for numerous websites already being used, so I quickly found that Rhytiphora was rarely (if ever) used and stuck with it ever since!). I have been involved in entomology for over 25 years, and have spent a lot of time in the central arid areas of Australia, as well as the Mallee areas of SA, so am most familiar with the creatures that inhabit these areas. My work means I am also fortunate enough to travel semi-regularly to Darwin, so a lot of my observations are also from up that way.
As for vertebrates - my main interest is reptiles, having had a childhood fascination with snakes and lizards, so always on the lookout for these during my travels!
If you would like to help me with any localities/information relating to the Carenini or Scaritini tribes, or send specimens, please feel free to message me. Thanks!

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