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I have been interested in our living planet for a very long time. Since the 1960s, I have been capturing images that try to convey the uniqueness of each individual species my lens depicts as well as events that are adversely affecting their lives. Having lived overseas and traveled and worked abroad somewhat, I have gained a respect for the universality of life that I think is paramount to protect, hence, I agitate, complain and bellyache to others the importance of every species (plant and animal) that share our world. Many consider me obnoxious in my intolerant view opposing strip mining, fracking, exploiting coal, gas, uranium, and the loosening of toxic chemicals on our environment - and the way companies treat the earth for private profit. And my detractors are right. Lucky for them I'm old now.

For the last nearly 40 years now, my wife and I have lived in the same place here in the Texas Hill Country. Daily we walk the LBJ National Historical Park Settlement trails. We have observed the flora and fauna during all the seasons and make an effort to walk even in inclement weather. The results are we observe a wide number of species and witness interesting behaviors and displays, many of which we have photographed and placed online. Some of our observations are on exhibit here. We hope to add others as time goes by. For more information about LBJ National Historical Park and our area, please visit

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