Debra Hendricks

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I enjoy observing all things in nature! I'm sort of a "Jack of all trades and a master of none" when it comes to science. I have a dual Master's degree (from the East Texas area) which emphasized Aquatic Biology and Geology. This means that I never know whether to look up or down, when in nature. This, coupled with my occasional ventures into archaeology, with the Texas Archaeological Society, means that no matter where I am, there is something interesting to see and learn.

I have worked the last five years to convert my property in Central Texas from an Ashe Juniper monoculture to a mini-wildlife refuge. This is the source of most of my species sightings. I'm now proud to sport a "Certified National Wildlife Federation Property" plaque on my gate. My neighbors just say that I'm "certifiable" when it comes to nature enthusiasm.

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