David Anderson

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First of all, Thank You Very Much to all the unsung heroes of iNaturalist who make this website work. Thank you to all of you who identify or verify the organisms we all report. Thank you to the Admins for your help and assistance. You all are amazing.
Generalist naturalist and (bio)geographer. I really like maps and can study one for a long time. Looking at range maps shows were to try and find something if you want to see it, or where to try and find something where it should be but is not yet recorded. Being a generalist also means I don't go out with pre-expectations on what I might find in many cases. I know I will see something, and quite possibly something that is exciting. I keep my eyes open for certain organisms I am interested in, but also keep my eyes open for those that are different. It is great exploring the places on the maps - places visited many times before, or the blank places. Exploring never stops.
Since I have started posting observations on iNaturalist my horizons have expanded quite a bit. I find myself looking at, and for, organisms that I would have otherwise previously overlooked. In light of climate change it is important to record, and see, organisms that might not be here in 20-50 years, and to record organisms in places they otherwise were not known from.

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