Saryu Mae

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I am 13 years old and I am interested in Malacology, Conchology and Paleontology(since when I was 6 years old). Uploaded species in Inaturalist: 295 (Number of species in ''life list'' is wrong) I came to Auckland from Japan to study English and seashells of NZ at May,2019. I collected 300 to 500 species of Molluscs from beaches in Japan. In New Zealand, I found over 195 species of Seashells(Bivalves, Gastropods, and Scaphopods) from beaches of North Island. I am also good at identifying Cowries.

My favorite fields: Spirits Bay, Tutukaka Harbour, Te Arai Point, Parengarenga Harbour, Pakiri beach, Cornwallis Peninsula, Shakespear Peninsula, Muriwai Beach etc.

前 朝琉(13歳)です。貝類学・軟体動物学をやっています。よろしくお願いいたします。

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