Jake Galla

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Amateur herper from northern Virginia. Graduated from William and Mary with Environmental Policy and Public Policy degrees. Now based out of Richmond. Herped frequently from 2011-2015 and getting back into it.

Currently teaching myself about lungless plethodontid salamanders in Southern Appalachia, with a focus on climatological drivers of salamander abundance in Southern Appalachian Spruce-Fir forests. I am tangentially curious towards bryophytes and lichens. My day job is unrelated to nature and I am on iNaturalist as a hobby.

In my preteen years, I held educational reptile shows for my neighborhood and made my own scrapbooks/youtube videos documenting herp observations. In high school, I fended off a potential commercial development in the Popes Head Creek watershed in Fairfax County through my environmental organization and the zoning board.

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