Jonathan Hakim

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I am a science teacher, citizen scientist and amateur herpetologist who grew up in St. Helens, Oregon. Involved in the surveying and inventorying of herps across the world. Recently completed an essay series on water, reptiles and amphibians, and extinction in California.

Main ongoing projects right now:

Conducting a long-term study of the reptiles and amphibians of Columbia County, Oregon:

Compiling a field guide to every reptile and amphibian found in Thailand. The most common species of all types as well as the first 70 snake species are completed:

Writing an herpetological assemblage report for Lawachara National Park. Should be ready for submission this month.

Some previous projects:

Tanay (Philippines) wildlife blog:

Community snake workshop in Manila:

Pythons, tortoises, and people in Bangladesh:

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