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I am a beginner. Absolute. But learning fast!

[It was suggested that I should edit this, as I am "no longer a beginner", but the more I learn the more I realise just how little I know... so I will hold onto that status just a little longer :) ]

I was asked to help catalogue the local botanical gardens, and thought it would be interesting to attempt to do it, so I gave it a go:

Nowadays I am keen to get involved anywhere there is an opportunity. I'm in the throws of moving my stacks of books and bug jars off of the kitchen table and out into a Bivvy of Biodiversity (a corner of my garage sectioned off to become a laboratory of sorts).

I have met some truly wonderful people along the way, and am learning a great deal about plants and bugs and life in general. I am keen to learn, and keen to contribute in whatever way is appropriate.

my persoanl fav's from the 'net:

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