Mabel Hua

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Not my real name - just an alias of a long gone woman I admire!

~ Currently, my main focus is on learning more about the botanical biodiversity of my region(s), however, I do love to branch out to birds, insects, lichens, and other critters during my nature explorations! At the moment, I'm loving flowering plants!

~ Heads up! Recent observations may be in the unknown status for a few hours. I take observations on my phone using the iNat app and ID later when I have a stable wifi connection and more time to sit down at home. Thank you for understanding.

~ I am always open to learning, so any ID's, comments, or feedback in general are all greatly appreciated!

I enjoy hearing from the iNat community, but PLEASE do not disclose your personal information (i.e. your address - I will not disclose mine). Let's keep this space safe and comfortable for everyone <3

~My doggo and I send our best wishes your way :D

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