patti p.

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I am a casual hiker who enjoys snapping photos of interesting creatures and other things I find along the trail. Currently, my routes of choice wind through Irvine Regional Park, Orange/Orange County, CA, and Peter's Canyon Regional Park, also in Orange County, mostly because I'm relatively close to both, but also because I find the most material in those locations.

You can see by my observations I cast a wide net: birds, insects, mammals, snakes, plants, scat, tracks; although, if I had to choose, I'd say birds of prey, snake, and coyote sightings are the observations that really make my day.

I'm a Very New photographer. I would politely refer to my camera as "vintage," and I keep a respectful distance from my subjects by shooting with a 100-400mm lens. My profile picture is a Sacken's Velvet Ant--the insect that brought me to iNaturalist in July 2022.

A sincere thank you to all who offer identifications or input, and to those who offer encouragement by "faving" my photos. I'm too new at this to make identifications myself, but I hope to contribute more as I gain a better understanding of my subjects.

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