Dan Modderman

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I am an amateur with a hobbyist interest in botany and naturalism. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the Nose Creek/Confederation Creek Watershed. My primary interest is native prairie and parkland plants and problematic invasive, noxious plants that upset the balance of ecosystems. Second to plants is my interest in learning more about birds and insects.

I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan with many acres of native prairie and parkland on the property. I spent countless hours exploring, foraging and learning about native plants and creatures from field guides and from my mom who had studied biology in university.

Since that time, the prairie and parkland was cleared for farmland, which instilled in me a passion for conservation and restoration of naturalized ecosystems.

I'm interested to better document the biodiversity of Calgary's naturalized parks with hopes to contribute what I can to ecological preservation and restoration of the parks.

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