Chris Mallory Curator

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California-based naturalist dedicated to understanding North American Psylloidea.

Psyllids of North America
Checklists, distribution maps, descriptions, illustrations, and photos for all North American Psyllid species. As of November 2017, about 40% of the North American psyllid fauna has been photographed. Locality and host plant data is provided with the goal of providing naturalists the information needed to help document and identify both common and rare psyllids throughout the continental US & Canada.

On iNat
I intend to use iNaturalist to document all of the plants and animals I encounter and photograph in the wild. I subscribe to and provide identifications for world psyllids, California Hemiptera and Thysanoptera, and insects in general from Los Angeles and Orange counties, CA. I also regularly provide identifications or corrections to observations of Hemiptera where I'm able; as of November 2017 I've reviewed approximately 20,000 out of 82,000 Hemiptera observations from the USA and 8,200 of 18,000 Hemiptera observations from California. I am less knowledgeable about (but still intrigued by!) Hemiptera from other regions, such as the tropics.

I am interested in learning - especially the so-called "boring" technical details! I love explanations detailing how to distinguish one species from another, and which particular characters may be important to focus on in order to accurately identify a taxon. I am also interested in phytophagy and the relationships between insects and their host plants.

As an editor, I mainly curate psyllid submissions. I also maintain the guide pages for every psyllid taxon, and try to ensure each page is up to date with relevant identification information and resources (please let me know if any page is lacking!). As a contributor, I primarily share interesting finds from the Los Angeles/Orange county area, though the majority of my photos are shared exclusively to iNaturalist.

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