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I have a continuum of interests through the sciences of Ecology and Biodiversity - from Citizen-Science to Robotics.

I am putting all that on hold to get a specific project off the ground.


Yep, I've started a business that specifically takes citizen-scientists to far-flung places to collect data of three general types:
1) citizen-science data (like iNat and eBird)
2) replicates of pre-existing ecological studies
3) hypothesis testing for conservation biology

This is not eco-tourism! It's not for entertainment or checking species off your list! That being said, if you have a list, you will be checking off lots.

Here is the general idea:
Eco-tourism is expensive. Most of us who work in the field of conservation biology have settled for a life of relatively low pay in exchange for work that really speaks our passions. So, what if you could go on a trip with a group naturalists for a price that would challenge your own shoestring travel budgets while being guaranteed to see (and document) more than you could ever hope to see on your own, while contributing to the collective understanding of the ecosystems you are visiting?

The trips are not only for budget naturalists, but for any naturalist who wants to contribute as a team.

I will be running many trips through the coming Winter 2017-18, all to Costa Rica.

Here is what to expect:

Price: $1,500 for a 1 wk expedition (includes all expenses except airfare)

Lodging: varies but will be rustic (hostels, camping, shared house)

Food: Breakfast and Dinner prepared by local cook. Vegetarian (+ eggs and milk) Coffee! All local market fruits available throughout day.

Travel: Mini-bus will drive us to and from airport to study site.

Expectation: Have fun and contribute lots of data.

Daily experience: Expect about 8 hours of group experience time per day, which will include Morning Birding Walks, Butterflying, Exploring with local guides, Night Hikes, Tide Pooling, Moth Lighting, Herping, Beach Combing, Snorkeling, and all kinds of other awesome stuff like that.

There will be plenty of time to do things on your own as well - beer, romantic walks on the beach, etc.

I will be posting specific trip descriptions into the journals.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.


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