John Fones Curator

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I am first and foremost a naturalist, and it seems to be one of the driving forces in my life that makes me who I am. I have been infatuated with all living organisms ever since I can remember. Second, I am an educator. I lead nature tours for the public through various entities whether federal, state, or local, and have been educating the Richmond Metro area for five years now, and I plan to keep doing so well until entropy sets in for me. Third, I am a human, and I love food, heat, music, people, and being connected to the environment where I live.

Lastly, I am a Planner, specifically for human development. I strive to bring the very best practices from my knowledge of nature, education, being a human, and a planner in hopes to bring out the very best in not only the spaces that both humans and the natural organisms share, but also the very life that lives in those spaces. I am a human ecologist, and just like every organism on this Earth, I too am mere fauna, and I would not have it any other way.

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