Sarah Duhon

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I am an Environmental Science student at the University of Iowa, and the Project Lead of the Iowa Mycoflora Project. I also now work for the Iowa City Parks and Rec Department, in education and public relations type stuff. I have done a research project to produce a phylogenetic tree for Stereum species I have collected in Iowa. This summer I will begin a project on Strauzia (Sunflower Maggot Flies) to examine speciation in relation to reproductive isolation (aka I'm gonna stick some different species together and see if they'll mate). But first, they have to be collected off their host plants!

I love fungi, plants, and anything that is alive really. I am especially drawn to life that we rarely notice but by no means unimportant, whether it's fungi in nature, or bacteria and yeasts that live in and on us.

I have a lot of field experience with polypores, stereoid/corticioid fungi, and other wood saprobic fungi, as well as oak mycorrhizal fungi. I'm decent at plant identification and improving in tree identification.

I get excited when people ask me to help ID fungi. If you have questions, please tag me! If I IDed an observation of yours and you want to know how I came to that conclusion, I am always happy to clarify!

NOTE: Why don't I identify Stereum to species level? I've found that Stereum ostrea contains two genetically distinct clades, and my specimens I thought to be S. hirsutum are S. subtomentosum. So I will generally refrain from identifying these species until I have more data. I am very confident about my S. complicatum, S. sanguinolentum, and S. striatum identifications.

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