Sarah Duhon

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I am an Environmental Science student at the University of Iowa, and the Project Lead of the Iowa Mycoflora Project. I also now work for the Iowa City Parks and Rec Department, in education and public relations type stuff. I'm currently working on a research project to produce a phylogenetic tree for Stereum species I have collected in Iowa.

I love fungi, plants, and anything that is alive really. I am especially drawn to life that we rarely notice but by no means unimportant, whether it's fungi in nature, or bacteria and yeasts that live in and on us.

I have a lot of field experience with polypores, stereoid/corticioid fungi, and other wood saprobic fungi, as well as oak mycorrhizal fungi. I'm decent at plant identification and improving in tree identification.

I get excited when people ask me to help ID fungi. So if you have questions, please tag me!

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