Sarah DeLong-Duhon

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I am an Integrated Biology Master’s graduate from the University of Iowa and I love ecology, evolution, systematics, and fungi!

My study organism is Stereum, a genus of wood-decay fungi found worldwide. As an undergraduate I collected and sequenced Stereum from eastern North America and my most interesting finding is that collections identifiable as Stereum ostrea fall into three distinct clades. Furthermore, despite looking similar, mapping traits on to this phylogenetic tree makes clear the traits useful for telling these three species apart. More info in my preprint! (download PDF for full text).

S. lobatum, S. fasciatum, and S. subtomentosum are the three S. ostrea-like species in North America. S. ostrea is a species described from Indonesia. My goal is to create a comprehensive molecular phylogeny for Stereum worldwide, and create resources for casual observers to recognize and correctly identify the phylogenetic species within Stereum, based on morphology and geographic region. Stereum species have been subject to extensive bioprospecting, and parasitic species are of great economic importance, so understanding the diversity of this genus and how it evolved is crucial.

If you are interested in sending me specimens of Stereaceae, please message me!

I collect and dry a lot of my fungi observations and a good memory of exact collection location. If you want specimens of anything I've found, please ask.

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