Steven Williams

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I am a seasonal biologist for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Resources Stewardship Office. The main project I am working on is the mapping of invasive plants (weeds) in our state parks in an effort to provide park managers with useful information for tackling this tough problem. While I have worked a fair bit with managing weeds, my education is in animal ecology, specifically behavioral ecology. The group of animals I have worked most with is reptiles and amphibians. I have a special place in my heart for these often underappreciated scaly and damp critters. I have trapped, tracked, and generally chased snakes and lizards in wide ranging habitats from southern pine forests to the Great Basin deserts in Oregon. I spent my graduate education studying the behavioral variation of the Florida scrub lizard. I find managing invasive plants rewarding because I know that the best way to conserve animals is to ensure that their habitat is in the best possible condition and invasive plants change and degrade habitats very quickly. Healthy habitats are diverse habitats; weeds threaten that diversity. My goal is to do my part to conserve habitat for all critters big and small.

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