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I am a Fish and Wildlife Technologist graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay Ontario. My credibility comes from 8+ years of experience performing field investigations professionally for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, various Conservation Authorities and private sector Consulting.

I am interested in all aspects of nature. From botany to invertebrates, ichthyology to limnology, ornithology to mammalogy and herpetology to insectology.

My main interests consist of botany and ichthyology. I am an avid Fly Fisherman with a passion for tying flies to represent native invertebrates so I spend a substantial amount of time around aquatic and wet terrestrial habitats. While I spend most of my time on the river in pursuit of targeting fish species, I spend a substantial amount of time observing the flora and fauna within the area. I love to observe, record and share species I find interesting or unique, as well as providing educational identification for other naturalists.

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