Vanessa Voelker

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Field botany for Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves; previously with Indiana Dunes National Park (NPS) and Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project (MDC). Former botanizer of central Illinois and its environs, I'm now exploring the lovely Bluegrass State.

Instagram: @ornate.rocksnail

Species comparison shots:

- Osmorhiza claytonii & O. longistylis:,

- Symphyotrichum anomalum & S. shortii (a comparison germane mostly for Illinois botanists, as the western/southern part of the state is the only area they're sympatric, but they can look pretty similar vegetatively):,

- Andropogon gerardii, A. gyrans, S. scoparium, A. ternarius, A. virginicus:,,,,

- Dicentra canadensis & D. cucullaria:,

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