New Challenge for filling out the data base in 2019

First of all, Happy New Year Lists! May 2019 be another successful year for this most successful project!

Second, I learned of something called the Five-Mile Radius Challenge. It came from a blog called I Used to Hate Birds, and was picked up by some iNatters. Here's an example of it:

The goal is to focus on areas around your house, and look for under-eBirded and under-iNat-ted zones, as well as visiting the parks closest to you. If everyone in the country did this, we'd have a lot better coverage, and therefore a better picture of biodiversity. Of course, here in San Mateo county, as leaders in citizen-science projects, we are already ahead of the curve on the question of coverage. But this Five-Mile Radius Challenge has the added advantage of being "Green" - requiring less consumption of fossil fuel, and being more open to walking, cycling, public transit, and car-pooling.

Just another thing to think about, as we move forward in the New Year!

Posted on January 02, 2019 04:24 PM by gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon


Good idea. Relatedly, I wish we could obscure location just a little. I don't really want to identify my house to people, and I doubt my neighbors want me identifying theirs either, but around the Bay Area, you wash out a lot of important info about the environment in 10K of obscuring.

Posted by katiet over 4 years ago (Flag)

Yes, I know what you mean here.

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 4 years ago (Flag)

Sometimes instead of obscuring, I'll put the map pin on the nearest intersection and make the uncertainty circle big enough to cover the house (then my map doesn't become a huge solid rectangle of obscured obs, either).

Fun idea-- I scrolled on the map just a little and found a few untouched parks in walking distance, which are now going to get the fine-tooth comb treatment! Also Atherton is still an amusing void of observations and I intend to mount an expedition when my new lens arrives. Look for me as a suspicious character in the Atherton police blotter! :)

Posted by sea-kangaroo over 4 years ago (Flag)

I'd be happy to join you in Atherton, making us a pair of highly suspicious characters!

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 4 years ago (Flag)

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